Rehoboth Beach, DE                         One-On-One Tutoring and Educational Testing                             

Regular Weekly Sessions

At our regular weekly sessions, we will meet at a designated area -- the student's home, the public library, or any other meeting place the parent desires. I will come prepared with lessons chosen specifically for your child. These can include phonics reading drills, writing prompts, reading comprehension passages, math worksheets, writing composition lessons, or any number of assignments. We will work on them together. At the end of each session, homework is assigned. If we meet at the library, students love checking out books to read during the week. Parents are asked to be sure students complete the assigned work before our next session. 

Tutoring And Testing Educational Testing

Our first session, at which the parent needs to be present, involves getting to know the student's likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses as a learner. I will bring along a few age-appropriate reading and math selections so I can understand the child's level of achievement. My Special Education training allows me to spot any areas in need of remediation or, in some cases, further testing. After our first hour together I will have concrete suggestions for how we can move forward to enhance your child's academic achievement. tutoring in Rehoboth Beach Tutoring And Testing educational testing

How Many Weeks?

That is up to you. Some parents  use our service during the academic year, while others keep going all summer. Older home schoolers have come for a few months at the end of their high school career to be sure their writing skills are ready for the rigors of APA formatted collegiate papers. Some home schoolers prefer a monthly checkup and end-of-year achievement testing to be sure their learning goals have been met. Whether your needs are long or short-term, we are here for you!