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Standardized Achievement Testing

‚ÄčWe offer an educational testing service for students who are struggling to stay up to grade level in reading, writing, math and speech. This is available to any student whether enrolled in school or being homeschooled. We use the IOWA Test of Basic Skills, the Stanford Achievement Test, the Otis-Lennon School Readiness Test and the Woodcock Johnson IV tests of Achievement and Oral Language.  If a learning difficulty is present, these tests will discover exactly what it may be. With that knowledge, a plan to remediate weaknesses through private tutoring can be implemented with the goal of seeing your student improve in problem areas. 

Diagnosing Roadblocks to Learning - The First Steps

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Sometimes parents are full of doubts when it comes to assessing their child for learning roadblocks, ADD/ADHD, or other common delays in academic progress. Even with private tutoring, some students do not progress well. The main questions parents ask are, "Why isn't my child progressing normally for his/her age?", and "What can be done to help?"

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I always suggest a visit to your child's pediatrician as the first stop in your search for answers. Often a simple, easily corrected hearing or vision problem is keeping your child from hearing and seeing what is expected in the classroom. Imagine how difficult your life would be if you were consistently being expected to respond to questions you did not understand due to a hearing or vision problem? educational testing service special education testing

Once vision and hearing have been eliminated as causes of your child's difficulty, the next step is to take a diagnostic test. School districts have psychologists on staff whose job is testing -- but often they are overworked and are only asked to test a student after a lengthy RTI process is initiated. Under the federal special education law, if you believe your child has an undiagnosed learning disability you may submit a written request to the district to have your child tested. You may wait to have the school test your child, or you may choose to pay for a private evaluation done instead.

The test we use is the nationally normed,  reliable and recently updated Woodcock Johnson IV. It has been in use for decades but in May of 2014 it was updated with a more robust Cognitive Abilities, Oral Language, and Achievement Test.

Why three tests? An achievement test tells us how well your child is doing in math, reading, and writing when compared to other students his/her age. The Oral Language component assesses weaknesses in spoken word processes. You would not pursue testing if you thought all was well, so most likely, this test will tell us where your child falls when compared to other students his/her age.

The Cognitive Abilities test must be scored by a licensed Psychologist. It reveals to us the answers to these questions. How fast is data being processed? How quickly is it coming out onto the paper?  What approach works to make this process better for my individual child? What can be done at this stage to increase my child's learning ability? This is why diagnostic testing is so vital. Once we find the roadblocks to your child's progress, we can work to remove them, work around them, and put his/her feet on the road to academic success.

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