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Coming Alongside Parents Who Homeschool

As a former K-12 homeschooler, I have a deep love for those who choose to educate their children at home. It is not an easy path, nor it is without challenges from within and without. Questions abound. Is my child learning normally? Why is one subject stronger than the others? Am I doing this right?

We can help provide tutoring and encouragement along the way.  While our specialty is phonics, reading and writing, we have successfully taught each subject at home. We can point you in the direction of the curriculum best suited to your child's learning style and provide assistance in teaching. Often a reluctant reader will perform for an outside tutor with more excitement than he is willing to demonstrate with mom and dad. 

Sometimes a family who had been home schooling makes the decision to place a child into the school system. Schools often balk at what is called a "mommy report card" and would like something more substantial upon which to base placement decisions. If you have been homeschooling and are considering this option, contact us. We can give your student a standardized achievement test so that when you go to enroll, you have a nationally normed test report to offer the receiving school. 

Year-end standardized testing is another service we offer. Homeschoolers in several states are required by law to have their students tested annually by a nationally normed test. We use either the IOWA test of basic skills or the Stanford 10 test for end-of-year testing. If you are interested as an individual family or as a homeschool co-op, contact us about providing your testing needs. We are registered with Bob Jones, ABeka, and Classical Conversations as standardized test providers to homeschool groups.

As you approach the high school years, we have diploma options available to homeschoolers. These allow you to choose the curriculum, choose the subject order, and move as quickly or slowly as you would like. One of our favorite options is North Atlantic Regional Schools. We have had success in receiving diplomas from them. If you would like help assembling your portfolio and knowing which records are to be sent in to them for diploma review, contact us. The best time to begin the process is at the start of 9th grade.