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Do you have a child who needs a little extra help with schoolwork? Tired of tears each evening as you fight the homework battle?  Are you concerned that there may be an undiagnosed learning disability?  Perhaps you are a home schooler in search of some outside help? Tutoring And Testing in Rehoboth Beach is the answer! We provide special needs diagnostic testing, tutoring services in all subjects, standardized tests for home schooled students, and IEP consulting services -- all designed to recover the joy of learning one student at a time..

Certified in both Special Education and Secondary English/Language Arts, with B.A. and MA degrees in education, the staff at Tutoring And Testing is qualified to assess your student's strengths and weaknesses and design an individualized learning plan to strengthen those weaknesses in a caring, low-stress environment. With 14 years of public and private school teaching experience and 14 years as a home schooling parent, we have seen it all. Whatever your child's learning needs, there is an answer to their frustration and yours. Don't lose another day to educational frustration! We are here to help.


Recovering the joy of learning one student

at a time